Mason Stevens Index Magnifier Instalments



Each Series of Mason Stevens Instalments (Mason Stevens Instalments) is a series of instalment warrants that enables investors to leverage their exposure to particular ASX-listed Securities, referred to as Underlying Shares. The Underlying Shares for each Series are identified in the Summary Table of the Product Disclosure Statement. Please refer to Section 3 for more information on the selection of the ASX-listed Securities.

By purchasing a Mason Stevens Instalment, an Investor pays a portion of the upfront cost of the Underlying Shares and borrows the balance from Citi.

Dividends (including ordinary and special dividends, net of any tax) on the Underlying Shares will be applied to pay the Administration Fee applicable to the Mason Stevens Instalments, as disclosed in Section 6 of the PDS. On and from 27 June 2013, the Administration Fee is reduced to nil. Any net dividend amount remaining after the payment of the Administration Fees will reduce the Final Instalment: and to that extent the Mason Stevens Instalments are self-funding instalment warrants.

 Investors have the right to pay the Final Instalment at any time prior to the Maturity Date and receive the Underlying Shares. Mason Stevens Instalments will be traded on the ASX and so investors may sell their entire holding of Mason Stevens Instalments at any time prior to the Maturity Date on the ASX.

 Investors also have the right to deliver a Request for Purchase Notice an see the Underlying Shares to Citi, but only on the Maturity Date.

 Investors should read and understand the contents of the Product Disclosure Statement and seek any relevant independent advice before making any investment decision.


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