Introduction to the CitiFirst Suite of Warrants & Certificates

The warrants and investment products market continues to grow in Australia. This growth is driven by both increasing volumes in well-established products such as trading warrants, as well as interest in new, innovative products such as MINIs. A variety of warrants are available, can be traded in small size and are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

These products offer varying payoff profiles, risks and access to various underlyings, offering investors a great deal of choice and flexibility.

This trading guide is designed as an introduction to the CitiFirst suite of warrants products, including Warrants, MINIs, GSL MINIs, Turbos, Instalments, Self Funding Instalments and Instalment MINIs. Investors should note that this material is provided for information only and that the document herein should be read in its entirety. Contents do not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy / sell any particular financial product. Some important risk considerations appear at the end of the document and complete risk considerations are in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

CitiFirst Warrants Suite Trading Guide


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