CitiFirst Single Stock MINIs


With the investor in mind, CitiFirst MINIs provide straightforward and transparent leveraged exposure to either rising or falling markets.

For only a fraction of the cost of trading the underlying shares, investors can benefit from movements in the underlying share as if they were holding them directly. As a result, they offer the potential for much leveraged returns.

CitiFirst MINIs are an ASX-listed trading tool for the Australian market. There are no margin calls, no credit checks, no loan documents, no lodgement of capital, and importantly, investors are unable to lose more than their original investment.

This trading guide is designed as an introduction to CitiFirst Single Stock MINIs. Investors should note that this material is provided for information only and that the document herein should be read in its entirety. Contents do not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy / sell any particular financial product. Some important risk considerations appear at the end of the document and complete risk considerations are in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

CitiFirst Single Stock MINIs Trading Guide


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