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Turbos offer enhanced leverage to rising (Turbo Call) / falling (Turbo Put) markets through a barrier/knock-out level, which, if triggered, terminates the product immediately. Holders gain the option to buy/sell the underlying at a predetermined price on a fixed future date, provided the product is not terminated early. As with any investment that offers the potential for profit there is a corresponding potential for loss. Investors should note that in circumstances where a CitiFirst Turbo Warrant terminates as a result of the Barrier Level being triggered, a Holder will lose their entire investment in the CitiFirst Warrants. You should read the entire Product Disclosure Statement which is available on this website and contact your stockbroker or other professional financial adviser before making any decision to invest.
* For information only. Prices are indicative and shown with a 15 minute delay. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please see the Disclaimer for conditions of use. 
CitiFirst Warrants are listed on either the Australian Securities Exchange or the Chi-X Australia exchange. Please contact your Stockbroker or Financial Adviser to trade.


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