ASX LTD Self Funding InstalmentASXSOG

69.360 AUD
69.370 AUD
Change In Percent
Updated: 06.12.2019 16:22:02
Chart* Product – orange; Underlying – black
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Product CodeStrikeMaturity dateBidAsk
Base Data
Product TypeSelf Funding Instalment
Warrant CodeASXSOG
UnderlyingASX LTD
Maturity Date13/12/2019
Final Instalment10.478 AUD
Key Data
Underlying Spot Price79.830 AUD
Effective Gearing13.13 %
Product Description
A Self Funding Instalment (SFI) is a type of Instalment. The SFI uses the dividends received to reduce the Final Instalment amount, and interest payments are added to the loan amount annually. As with any investment that offers the potential for profit there is a corresponding potential for loss. You should appreciate and understand all of the risks before investing in this product. Please see the relevant PDS for further details.
* For information only. Prices are indicative and shown with a 15 minute delay. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please see the Disclaimer for conditions of use. 
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