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ISHARES S&P/ASX 20 Self Funding Instalment Mini LongILCSO1

13.760 AUD
13.770 AUD
Change In Percent
Updated: 22.08.2019 16:21:51
Chart* Product – orange; Underlying – black
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Product CodeStrikeMaturity dateBidAsk
Base Data
Product TypeSelf Funding Instalment Mini Long
Warrant CodeILCSO1
UnderlyingISHARES S&P/ASX 20
Maturity Date14/04/2020
Final Instalment11.713 AUD
Stop Loss Trigger Level12.840 AUD
First Instalment13.77
Key Data
Underlying Spot Price25.480 AUD
Effective Gearing45.97 %
Approx. % from Stop Loss49.61%
Product Description
CitiFirst Instalment MINIs are the latest generation of Instalments providing straightforward and transparent leveraged exposure to Australia’s leading companies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Designed for Individuals and Self Managed Super Funds seeking medium to long term exposure, investors gain the economic benefits of share ownership, including dividends and available franking credits, for a small portion of the cost of purchasing the shares outright. CitiFirst Instalment MINIs are listed and traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. There are no margin calls, no credit checks and importantly investors are unable to lose more than their original investment amount. During the term of the investment, an Instalment MINI Holder is entitled to the economic benefits of all Dividends and depending on their circumstances, available franking credits (if any) paid in relation to the Underlying Shares. Where the Self-Funding feature applies, any Dividends or special dividends payable in relation to the underlying shares will be applied to reduce the Final Instalment.

Some important risk considerations appear at the end of the document and complete risk considerations are in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
* For information only. Prices are indicative and shown with a 15 minute delay. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please see the Disclaimer for conditions of use. 
CitiFirst Warrants are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Please contact your Stockbroker or Financial Adviser to trade


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