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S&P ASX 200 Index Futures Contract GSL MINI LongXJOLOH

3.420 AUD
3.430 AUD
Change In Percent
Updated: 06.02.2023 16:21:27
Chart* Product – orange; Underlying – black
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Base Data
Product TypeGSL MINI Long
Warrant CodeXJOLOH
UnderlyingS&P ASX 200 Index Futures Contract
Strike7,249.601 AUD
Stop Loss Trigger Level7,249.601 AUD
Key Data
Underlying Spot Price7,472.000 AUD
Current FX Rate1.0000
Effective Gearing97.02 %
Approx. % from Stop Loss2.98%
Approx. CitiFirst MINI Value3.43
Distance to knock-out 222.3993 AUD
Gap Premium1.200
Product Description
GSL MINIs offer leveraged exposure to rising (GSL MINI Long) or falling (GSL MINI Short) markets. They are open-ended and have no expiry date.They can be traded over a range of shares and the local Australian Index. They include a Guaranteed Stop Loss Level that ensures that regardless of the movement of the underlying price, investors are unable to lose more than their initial investment amount. As with any investment that offers the potential for profit there is a corresponding potential for loss. Investors should note that in circumstances where a CitiFirst GSL MINI Warrant terminates as a result of the Guaranteed Stop Loss Level being triggered, a Holder will lose their entire investment in the CitiFirst Warrants. You should read the entire Product Disclosure Statement which is available on this website and contact your stockbroker or other professional financial adviser before making any decision to invest.
* For information only. Prices are indicative and shown with a 15 minute delay. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please see the Disclaimer for conditions of use. 
CitiFirst Warrants are listed on either the Australian Securities Exchange or the Chi-X Australia exchange. Please contact your Stockbroker or Financial Adviser to trade.


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