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CROWN LTD Bonus CertificatesCWNBOA

8.290 AUD
Change In Percent
Updated: 30.10.2020 12:22:03
Chart* Product – orange; Underlying – black
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Product CodeStrikeMaturity dateBidAsk
Base Data
Product TypeBonus Certificates
Warrant CodeCWNBOA
UnderlyingCROWN LTD
Issue Date10/02/2020
Maturity Date12/05/2021
Barrier9.95 AUD
Bonus Level15.6 AUD
Key Data
Underlying Spot Price8.290 AUD
Barrier hit?No
Risk Buffer20.02%
Bonus Amount15.6 AUD
Bonus Yield64.04%
Bonus Yield p.a.120.48%
Product Description
A Bonus Certificate gives the investor the potential to receive an attractive Bonus Level payment as long as during the life of the certificate the underlying never trades at or below the lower Barrier Level during the term.
If the Barrier Level is triggered, the investor does not receive the Bonus Level Payment at maturity, in this case the investor receives the price of the underlying instrument at maturity. The Bonus Certificates do not pay any income during the Term. This means, for example, that if Bonus Certificates are linked to an underlying share or ETF, the Holder will not be entitled to any dividends, distributions or other amounts paid by the Issuer of those shares or that ETF.
As with any investment that offers the potential for profit there is a corresponding potential for loss. You should appreciate and understand all of the risks before investing in this product. Please see the relevant PDS for further details.
* For information only. Prices are indicative and shown with a 15 minute delay. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please see the Disclaimer for conditions of use. 
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